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No more Acne with Aloe Vera - Say Goodbye to Acne with AloeVera

Say Goodbye to Acne with Aloeride® Aloe vera
Teenage is a roller coaster ride. There are hormones running wild in the body. You make crucial decisions that can affect your career. Your social life is booming. In short, life is all about being picture perfect physically and mentally. In such times, I have seen many a person get acne and then suffer the worst confidence dent of their lives. Girls feel like simply ripping their skin off. Boys try to their wits end to get rid of it. But that stubborn little pimple(s) refuses to leave no matter what.

Acne is caused by an inflammation of the pilosebaseous follicles. Sounds complicated? It isn’t really. It is nothing but pustules commonly known as pimples that break out on the skin, especially on the face. The outbreak is associated with puberty and in most people, the condition cures by itself within a few years. But for many, those few years can be the worst in their lifetime. A few break these pimples hoping that it would disappear. But this in turn, scars the skin. If you are reading this article even now, then probably you have tried all the ‘over the counter’ drugs and cosmetics that promise to help you get rid of acne. It might sound like exaggeration but the fact is that Allopathy hasn’t been successful in finding a permanent solution for acne. But nature has an answer to it. And the answer lies in Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera and Aloeride®

Aloe Vera has been known for centuries as a ‘burn plant’. It has anti-inflammatory properties and has been used as a local analgesic for years now. But what many people do not know is that when consumed internally, Aloe Vera can do wonders for the skin. It is loaded with antioxidants that fight against the free radicals that float in the body. Not only does it help you maintain healthy looking skin, but it also has several other medical applications and one of them is helping reduce acne. Yes, Aloe Vera is one of the best cures for acne that has ever existed. Yet, not many people are able to harness the benefits of the plant. The prime reason is that it is not that easy to juice out aloe Vera and consume it. Most attempts result in a mixture that is best poured down the drain. It can wreck havoc with your taste buds. But then there are Aloe Vera supplements available in the market. What about them? Well, most of them are loaded with preservatives, added colors, flavor etc that aim to make a better tasting product. The focus is more on the edibility rather than the quality of the product.

Aloeride® Aloe Vera

Aloeride® Aloe Vera is the sole Aloe Vera supplement in the whole world today that has been derived from the most potent species (Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller) of the plant on earth. Also, it is free of any additives or preservatives. Without sounding cliché, I can say that it is a completely natural alternative to an Aloe Vera plant. It is easy to consume. You can either swallow it as a pill or break the pill and mix it with water to make a delicious nutritious drink. It has been clinically tested and manufactured according to pharmaceutical standards. Aloeride® Aloe Vera will boost your immune system and you will be able to ward off and fight the problems that cause acne. It is a much safer and healthier alternative to the topical applications that are commonly used. Acne is nothing but an inflammation of the skin and being an oral supplement, Aloeride® Aloe Vera is your best bet. Consume Aloeride® Aloe Vera on a regular basis and maintain healthy dietary habits and hygiene and acne should be a mystery to you in a few months.

Aloe Vera Dental Care, Oral Hygiene Smile Away with Aloe Vera

Smile away with Aloeride® Aloe Vera
If you thought that your smile only has aesthetic importance to life, then think twice. Your teeth can be an indicator of your overall health. Oral care is as important as caring for the rest of the body. Speaking of oral care, the first thing that comes to our minds is toothpaste. Yes, Toothpaste when combined with regular oral hygiene is an effective part of oral care but it can only give you superficial protection. This means that it can protect you externally against problems like plague or bacteria. But in order to ensure that your teeth last as long as you would want and you keep that million dollar smile going, it is extremely important that you follow a healthy diet plan.

Most people do not know that mechanical digestion begins in the mouth and the teeth have a very important role to play in it. The saliva, the tongue and the teeth come together to start the digestion process. So if you have been facing problems with indigestion and haven’t been able to attribute it to any other cause, then maybe here’s the answer. Hence, it is recommended by most dentists that you consume foods that boost the health of your teeth and gums. And if you cannot consume such foods on a regular basis, then you need to have a regular intake of health supplements that promote dental health. There are probably a million health supplements of chemical origin but why would you want to opt for them when you have a much safer natural alternative? I am talking about Aloe Vera, the plant that has been commonly dubbed as the skin-cure plant.

Aloeride®Aloe Vera and dental care

The mouth is a cavity that is loaded with soft and fragile tissues. These tissues have a constant supply of food materials which make it an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. The bacterial thriving in the mouth also attack the teeth and cause dental problems like stomatitis, bad breath, gingivitis and peridontitis. Aloe Vera is a natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial plant. It can work wonders for dental health and protect the sensitive fragile tissues of the mouth when consumed internally. But you simply cannot pluck an aloe Vera leaf and chew it. You will probably spit it before you blink an eye. It certainly isn’t the tastiest thing that you would have even tasted.

But you have a much safer and easier alternative with Aloeride® Aloe Vera. Aloeride® Aloe Vera is an Aloe Vera supplement created by a naturopath and a Chartered Physiotherapist, Registered Acupuncturist and Naturopath Dr. Han van de Braak. Well versed with the healing powers of Aloe Vera, he was on the lookout for an Aloe Vera supplement to cure his daughter of eczema. But he noticed that most of the products in the market were not up to the snuff. They were manufactured using substandard methods and were not lab tested. Even the best selling Aloe Vera products couldn’t offer half of what a liter of Aloe Vera juice could offer. So he created Aloeride® Aloe Vera, which is the most powerful Aloe Vera supplement on earth today. It has been manufactured according to pharmaceutical standards and is more potent than any other similar supplement.

Why you need Aloeride® Aloe Vera

You cannot carry a complete dental care set everywhere with you, can you? But you certainly can carry a pill in your pocket. That’s what Aloeride® Aloe Vera is all about. It is a complete dental care system in your pocket. What is even better is that you are consuming a product that will improve your overall health. It improves the quality of the skin, it palpates your gut lining and heals any potential bowel problems and it also boosts your immune system. What more can you ask for?

Aloe Vera, Chasing beauty with a little green box

Chasing beauty with a little green box

In Hollywood looking good is a very serious business. The minute you step out your front door (and sometimes even when you are still inside it,) you are on the worldwide stage. And if you happen to be a celebrity, well the stakes are ridiculously high and it’s simply a requirement to look as close to perfect at all times. If an unflattering picture hits the front cover of a tabloid it quickly becomes that celebrity’s agent or publicists worst nightmare. Because it is an unfortunate well-known industry fact, that if a careless celebrity appears in public looking haggard, makeup-less, hung-over, puffy-eyed or fat, well, you can possibly kiss millions goodbye on your very next project or commercial endorsement! Why you may ask? Because the studios and production companies are always looking for an edge in negotiations when attempting to lower the fee of a celeb. And they will use those unflattering front cover photos to point out the liability of an actor or actress; suggesting the person is not fit nor healthy enough to fulfill his obligations in the role. Brutal tactics?--Yes! Fair?--No! But just another day in Hollywood.

Ok, so with the stakes this high, possibly millions riding on how you look when you run to the supermarket for a carton of milk, you can imagine the unbelievable pressure and stress. What’s worse is, the paparazzi lurk in bushes, behind cars, on rooftops and even in the parking lot across from the back door of Barney’s in Beverly Hills waiting for celebs to unsuspectingly exit the back door without makeup or sunglasses. And everyone in the business knows the paparazzi live and breath for those god-awful unflattering shots because it is source of their livelihood.

Fortunately most people living in Hollywood, especially celebrities, are very familiar with paparazzi tactics and have become very astute in their use of baseball caps, hats and sunglasses. Those valuable little items go a long way in covering up incoming dark roots, unwaxed brows, a random pimple and circles under the eyes. But even with all the tricks of the trade in place, the truth is, everyone in Hollywood just wants to look good--NATURALLY. They want to have the confidence that if they are caught off guard without hat and sunglasses their skin and hair will glisten. That the paparazzi’s lens or even a fan’s snapshot will capture healthy, glowing skin even if it is makeup-less. And in fact, if candid photos revealing a makeup-less but healthy, vibrant looking celeb do show up on a website or tabloid, it can only enhance their image and boost their career!

So with this much riding at every turn, the chase is on in Hollywood to find products, supplements or treatments which produce naturally beautiful skin and hair. Topical treatments are valuable and do help, and one of the most popular topical elements which has proven for centuries to bring health to skin and hair is that miraculous little plant, Aloe Vera. And as any biologist will tell you, by far the highest grade and most effective of all aloe vera plants is called Barbadensis Miller. And the most pristine and perfect derivative of that Barbadensis Miller plant is now available in powder form and is called ALOERIDE Aloe Vera. Aloeride is a tiny little capsule of pure essence, containing over 300 powerful nutrients straight from the aloe vera plant with only elements that can cause diarrhea being removed. Aloeride is the only aloe vera product in the world which has achieved pharmaceutical standards. A pretty remarkable feat in itself! However, everyone knows health does not come from just using external applications, it comes from the inside out. Skin grows from the inside out. Aloeride Aloe Vera enhances internal health by supporting digestion and feeding nutrients to the skin cells as they form and grow outward. This proves to give skin a healthy, natural glow at all times. Something any celebrity or anyone else for that matter, dearly cherishes. Independent testing has repeatedly proven there is simply no other aloe vera product on the market today which can produce the same results. Aloeride is proving to be a tremendous asset in Hollywood. In fact, you might even say it is raising the salaries of those who use it! That is why everyone in Hollywood is chasing, and attaining more beautiful, vibrant skin health, with the help of a very powerful little green box! Aloeride Aloe Vera

TAKE ONE: on set and on location with Aloeride® Aloe Vera

TAKE ONE: on set and on location with Aloeride® Aloe Vera

Being on set or location of a movie, television show, commercial or editorial may sound glamorous and exciting but it is by far one of the most demanding aspects of being in the business. Many days if not months of intense preparation culminate in a shoot. The shoot being a few days or weeks of actual filming that falls between prep and post. It is when a group of enormously talented people come together as a perfect unit for the sole purpose of fulfilling the vision of a director. These intense days or weeks are truly pivotal—and everyone involved knows it. Each day on set or location can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. One tiny mistake, one little thing goes wrong, one person gets sick and drops the ball, and the budget is blown to bits. Needless to say, this arena is not for the fainthearted and certainly not for amateurs! It requires a person possessing an A-type personality, brilliant and extraordinary talent, extreme confidence, the severest of discipline and a complete and utter blissful dedication. Those who possess these remarkable qualities are the people who possess the formula by which a film, commercial or editorial is successful. And it is truly a remarkable experience to be in the vortex of such a dedicated team of talented people creating and giving 200% to achieve a powerful, singular goal. There are fewer highs so intoxicating.

However, as anyone in the industry will tell you, the hours and demands on any shoot are utterly brutal. Depending on whether the project is union or non-union you can work 12-16 hour days - 6 days a week. During a shoot everything is heightened and crystallized, so every sense in your body is on red-alert for hours and days and possibly weeks at a time. It is all about living on adrenalin. The mental, physical and emotional stamina required for this work is phenomenal and almost super-human.

So you might be asking how in the world do these professionals keep up?! How do they do it?! Most in the business know what to expect and what is required. They know to take extensive down time and replenish themselves. Part of the unwinding and preparation for the next job comes in the form of long vacations between assignments, working out, eating right, sleeping long hours and taking lots of supplements. Out of all of these health supports, only one is available to them while on set or location,--and that is the supplement. No one ever sleeps normal hours during a shoot, rarely will someone have the opportunity or desire to work out, and most especially with a craft service table and set caterers, does anyone ever eat healthy. So the only thing left to help maintain their stamina and health on set or location, is the precious supplement. And this is where a remarkable little capsule called ALOERIDE Aloe Vera has been coming to the rescue!

Aloeride® Aloe Vera is a pure powdered food supplement in a tiny hypoallergenic capsule made exclusively in England. It contains all the powerful nutrients produced by the highest-grade aloe vera plant, Barbadensis Miller. For centuries people have known the aloe vera plant contains almost magical healing and rejuvenating properties. In fact, it is one of the worlds most mysterious and potent plants which still stupefy biologists and clinicians today. This remarkable plant contains nutrients, which have been clinically proven to address hundreds of weaknesses and nutritional deficiencies within the human body. Aloeride® Aloe Vera contains all those nutrients including 300 active cell building molecules which deliver health, stamina and resiliency directly to every cell. Aloeride® Aloe Vera has far surpassed all it’s competitors in its ability to perform because it is the purest derivative of the aloe vera plant on the market. But we all know the real test comes when a product can deliver under extreme and demanding circumstances. Being on set or location definitely qualifies as one of those circumstances. And the great news is, professionals in the entertainment industry are raving about the results they are getting from Aloeride. They’re expressing a marked improvement in overall health, strength and stamina after taking Aloeride for only a few short weeks. Because of this, many professionals simply won’t consider leaving for work without it! Aloeride® Aloe Vera is becoming a part of the very preparation and sustenance of those who face the extraordinary agony and ecstasy of life on set and on location!

What does Hollywood know about health and beauty that the rest of the world doesn’t?

What does Hollywood know about health and beauty that the rest of the world doesn’t?

Hollywood truly is an exclusive club, a world unto it’s own. It’s a simple fact that celebrities and most of the people working in the entertainment industry are privy to beauty and health secrets the rest of the world are not. This is because they often travel to exotic places, have carte blanche access to the leaders and innovators in every beauty and health related field, and of course have almost unlimited financial resources to obtain the very best.

The latest and the very best of anything runs like lightening through Hollywood as fast as a cell phone call or a text message can be typed. Publicists, agents, stylists, make-up artists, costumers, nutritionists, acupuncturists, plastic surgeons and even masseuses are all part of an extremely powerful Hollywood network. They are the elite possessors of the ultimate knowledge in every beauty and health product available.

And once in awhile there will be a health or beauty item which garners a loud, consistent buzz, quickly peaking the interest of celebrities and all entertainment industry professionals. This usually occurs when a celebrity, or top professional “discovers” a product that really works. When this phenomenon occurs, the excitement becomes almost palatable. And a product or treatment only receives this type of attention when it rises to the top because of quality, effectiveness, sustainability and innovation. Mediocre products or fads simply never hold the interest of a community who are smart and demand the finest. And if you are fortunate enough to be the purveyor of this priceless new information it can mean the key that will usher you or your business into the inner sanctum of the rich and powerful. Being in the vortex of a marvelous new effective health or beauty aid, will at the very least open a multitude of previously locked doors and without question, boost your career several rungs up the golden ladder of success. So the hunt for one of these rare jewels is certainly a quest worthy of effort in Hollywood.

One such remarkable beauty and health product which has recently achieved this coveted status in Hollywood is called Aloeride® Aloe Vera. The fundamental ingredient being that ancient beauty and health element, Aloe Vera. What makes this product from England so unique and the very best aloe vera derivative in the world, is the way in which the active ingredients are assimilated into their purest powder form. Many studies have proven that when Aloe Vera gel or liquid comes in contact with the air, it immediately begins a rapid bacterial degradation. This reduces the beauty and nutritional value almost as soon as the top is off the bottle. Not so with Aloeride® Aloe Vera. The process by which Aloeride® Aloe Vera is created and preserved in a small hypoallergenic capsule then blister foil wrapped, is the secret to it’s preservation and extreme effectiveness. In fact, it has been proven in extensive independent testing that Aloeride® Aloe Vera delivers over three-hundred active molecules into your bloodstream, thus directly feeding rich nutrients to each and every cell of your body. It also contains remarkable properties which sooth and heal the intestinal lining, allowing the healthy food you eat to be absorbed and assimilated the way nature intended it. When nutrients are fed more cleanly into the body and individual cells, the body loses its desire to cling to toxins and fats to feed upon. Of course, this is a tremendous side-benefit for those needing to lose weight or keep their weight in check.

And don’t think Hollywood hasn’t discovered the beauty benefits of this amazing little capsule! At Aloeride® Aloe Vera they have a skin philosophy: “Your skin is your natural calling card, which shows others how healthy and attractive you are…” And nowhere in the world is this truer than in the Entertainment and Modeling industries. And nowhere in the world is how you look so directly related to your income. And everyone who stands before the intense scrutiny of a camera knows the value of starting with naturally healthy, glowing skin. Bottom line is, Aloeride® Aloe Vera is delivering on its promise to provide anti ageing elements, support weight loss and contribute to a very healthy digestive tract, which in turn enhances the healthy natural radiance of the skin. So what does Hollywood know about Health and Beauty that the rest of us don’t? Everything! And what is Hollywood absolutely buzzing about? Aloeride® Aloe Vera! This is definitely a secret the rest of the world needs to be in on!

Author: J. Lovejoy - ©2008 Aloeride®



As everyone knows, stress and anxiety create all kinds of chemical reactions within our bodies. This is only exacerbated ten-fold if you happen to be an A-type personality and a hundred-fold if you happen to be an A-type artistic performer. Before entering an audition, a shoot or a stage performance most artists go through an absolute wild ride of emotions and reactions. When you are around them you can feel the momentum building like a volcano. Back stage it is absolutely electrifying and so tense you can cut it with a knife. This is equally true for the rock band about to go on stage, or an actor coming onto the set. It is that “zone” of extreme emotions, vulnerability and pumping adrenalin which is brought up from the depths of the body in order to give exaggerated life to the performance.

One of the body’s reactions that takes place in that zone is the famous fight or flight response which is what produces hormones such as cortisol and epinephrine. Whether it’s a two or three hour rock concert or an actor waiting all day to do a scene, the body must remain in that alarm state for extended periods of time in order to fulfill the demands of the performance. This state in turn releases abundant chemical reactions in the body including, but not limited to, the over-production of the adrenal hormones as well as an overflow of acids into the stomach. These acids cause disruption of digestion, as well as, severe irritation and damage to the lining and intestinal villi. And this is why most artists and performers suffer from a never ending list of stomach and intestinal ailments. Everything from a simple nervous stomach to ulcers, IBS, colitis and even more serious maladies such as crohn’s -just to name a few. Some performers resort to over the counter meds, a multitude of prescriptions, and even illegal drugs to keep their stress levels in check and attempt to control their body’s reaction to the pressure. Unfortunately, eventually this way of addressing emotions and natural chemical reactions within the body will cause far more damage, possible addiction, and often premature death. In fact, most doctors will tell you, if you wait until the stressors are present before employing some way of managing the effects, then the damage is probably already done. So, no matter how you look at it, being an overly-sensitive creative person subjected to the outrageous emotional and physical demands which come along with working in the entertainment business, is a sure fire formula for disaster.

However, most smart artists are well aware of the physical demands way ahead of the moment they must walk onto a stage or on set. Artists from Madonna to Bono to Matt Damon to Will Smith to Nicole Kidman and Scarlett Johansson, all on 2008’s top paid performer’s list, have long ago learned it is ALL about preparation. They know if they want to remain in good health, maintain their looks and stay on the A-list they must practice preventative measures long before a tour or role begins. A well disciplined artist refuses to be carelessness and thus become a victim of post performance damage control.

And this is where a powerful new health aid from England called ALOERIDE Aloe Vera has come into big play among those who heartily embrace prevention. Aloeride is a pure uncompromised derivative of Barbadensis Miller aloe vera. And as everyone knows, the aloe vera plant has for centuries held the ultimate position as the “miracle” healing aid to skin and cells. Aloeride is refined molecules of pure aloe vera placed in a convenient capsule, then blister foil sealed to maintain its powerful effectiveness. This tiny capsule contains over 300 nutrients which help sustain and feed every cell in the body. Aloeride Aloe Vera is proven in independent testing to be especially effective in addressing stomach and intestinal issues. It can actually help balance stomach acid, heal and reduce the mucosal layer within the intestinal wall which prevents mal-absorption, and supports the tiny villi responsible for taking up nutrients into the blood stream. With the support of Aloeride® Aloe Vera the body’s overall functions improve greatly and many of the body’s cells are actually layered in a coat of protective molecules. This protection functions as a barrier against the aggressive free radicals or hormones launched in high stress situations. Aloeride® Aloe Vera taken daily for three weeks prior to any stressful situation can provide definitive protection. It has also been noted to provide a general sense of well being which in turn assists the body’s coping mechanisms and actually reduces the stressful response itself. Now that’s a preventative measure! However, you don’t have to be a performer or A-type personality to reap the enormous benefits of this miraculous tiny capsule in a little green box. You just need to be smart enough to know prevention is by far the very best thing you can possibly do for your body.